From bazaars to corporations: social capital and businesS in twentieth century india

Capitalism in 18th and 19th century India was rooted in community. Trust. networks, and norms substituted for missing institutions. Did social capital evolve over time as social and economic contexts changed?

Research in progress.

Forthcoming 2023: Debut poetry collection

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I am a business historian by choice, a journalist by training, a writer at heart, and an accidental poet. I hold a Master’s in Global Political Economy from London School of Economics and Political Science. I led digital for two News Corp startups in India, where I built high-performance teams, and leveraged content to create high growth digital news products. I have chased depth and fresh learnings every few years of my life, and today, from the time-tested place of curiosity and adventure, I am researching the long run evolution of Indian capitalism across the 20th century. I am passionate about building or contributing new ventures / perspectives / areas of knowledge, writing across genres, and travelling solo. more here.

December 2021
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