Would you like to go to MIT without clearing college?

This may become possible if Nobel winners Duflo and Banerjee’s efforts are successful.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is trying the idea in the field of poverty alleviation, hoping that the approach will allow it to enrol students from around the world who have the ability and motivation to succeed but lack the traditional credentials for entry.

Duflo-Banerjee have many detractors, though.

Ms Gopalan, a doctoral student and teaching fellow in anthropology at Harvard University, acknowledged overall scepticism given her belief that the Duflo-Banerjee methods involve “treating the lives of the poorest as a giant open-air lab” while avoiding meaningful challenges to the wealthy.

She also noted that the course’s tuition fees and its requirement for an internship in a city where the annual cost of rent is about $30,000 seemed to present difficult hurdles for students from low-income backgrounds.

Read more here: https://www.timeshighereducation.com/news/nobelists-offer-masters-degree-entry-based-online-success

Tyler Cowen is already questioning if a university system is doing enough, anyway.

In your young adventurous years, by contrast, the only jobs you can get are those that don’t reward (or allow) adventure. The result of all this is a less audacious America. Start with the Ivy Leaguers. I have no rancor against lawyers, financiers or management consultants, but the pursuit of these careers seems like a misallocation of human creativity.

In Bloomberg Opinion, read more here.

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