How businesses are innovating during Covid-19

“The Happiest Place on Earth” isn’t staying locked down any longer and it has spread the message far and wide with an ad campaign that is drawing mixed reactions. The visitors to the Walt Disney World in the ad face dozens of masked workers at the recreation center even as children dressed in Disney attire glide on freely without a care. The dystopian feels apart, the message is clear: the business is itching to be back and it’s innovating to put across the message of safety, precaution and “good” business in the best way it can.

Not just in ad campaigns, CEOs restricted by health complications or other issues too are finding ways to carry on with work. Those in the app stores have launched contactless apps to help customers feel comfortable shopping during the pandemic. Some businesses, seizing the opportunity for creating a hub around credible information, have pitched in with fiercer, hardworking products that focus on mitigating anxiety around Covid. Microsoft has launched virtual auditoriums, thank you from someone who hates zoom! Uber’s shift from a ride sharing company to a home delivery app has been fast, thanks to the pandemic.

This interview with retail expert Melissa Gonzalez sums up the crux of innovation needed: digital, fluid, flexible.

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