EconHistorienne #5: Scattered, aren’t we all?

In India, we are really scaling new heights – in Covid-19 infections, I mean. With economic growth predictions shuttering to new lows and other critical issues on the back burner, I have been feeling low too . I have been doing too much of red hat thinking lately and it’s NOT all good (I am sure my last post told you so!) and I have moved from being angry to upset to terribly low. Scattered, in a way. Who knows what the next month holds, and next and next. Before you conclude anything about me, I must tell you that I am an optimist, a die hard one at that. I have lived the life of a phoenix, rising from the proverbial ashes again and again. Social isolation doesn’t hurt me – I have been happily isolating myself since birth. I love solitude and I love myself to bits. Now that this explanation is out of the way, let me tell you that even the best of optimism needs flickering boats and sinking in the seas once in a while. So I am allowing myself to be low and angry and sad and generally, very stoically nonchalant about things in general at times.

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