How to be happy

I am attempting to gather my thoughts around each of the points suggested by Harsh Mariwala on Twitter today on how to be happy. Let’s see how it goes:

Think about what you’re grateful for

Umm. What am I grateful for? For life, no matter whatever it brings. Being alive is a gift. Also for the gift that I can write. I can’t imagine a life where I am not writing (whatever it is) because writing has been a way to heal myself and to find catharsis. From the time I was a child. I will be rudderless without it. I am also grateful for my efforts at constantly trying for things I want. And for the courage I have that has helped me battle adversity and try and stay afloat. I think I am grateful for these.

Speak to someone who you think is happy.

Ah that’s a tough one. Seriously, why should I have to try? Everyone seems to be faking it these days. It’s really not fair. No one is happy. Happiness is trying for happiness when you are unhappy. That’s it. That’s what I do and you should too. There is no concrete motion of happiness. I find it in an email some days. So? Yours is better than me? Never happens that way. Happiness is what you think it is. I have wonderful things in my life but I have never been happy even as a child. I have been on a quest, a journey towards being happy. Never gotten there. There, I said it.

Get some sun.

This is a great one. Thinking of the Sun, I terribly miss those days when I would trek alone and sleep next to the sheep near the Seven Sisters Park in England. I want to do that again the moment the lockdown lifts.


Yes, that’s a given. However small an effort, it counts because health is wealth.

Learn to practice acceptance.

Yes. What do I need to accept? Let me try. The fact that I am a late bloomer. My idealism doesn’t work in the real world. My quest for perfection slows me down. I trust people easily. My anger hurts me, no one else. Besides, it’s unpleasant. But I look at my anger from the prism of acceptance. If something is making me angry, why should I stop myself from feeling it? There you go. Acceptance is not the last word in finding peace. What else do I need to accept? Many things but for now, I am happy to start with these.

Notice the little things.

Yes, I don’t. I need to work on it. I don’t notice the small things unless I am in the middle of nature. May be, we need nature to notice the small things. What has COVID-19 done to us?


This one I am very serious about. I need to laugh more. I am practising it consciously. Like, how to break into a smile as soon as I see anyone. Anyone. I want to do that. It makes everyone feel good.

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