Writing like a nerd

Lol, that’s my slang for academic writing. It’s rigorous, theory and evidence based and critical in its pursuit of facts. In a newsroom, I prided myself on the different genres of writing I could dabble in – news reports, reviews, op-eds, long form, investigative, features, memoirs et al – and now, I think I can say that I am beginning to enjoy academic writing, or writing like a nerd. In newsroom, my challenge was to simplify and explain the news and offer a news peg; in academia, the challenge is to encapsulate complex ideas without repetition or obfuscation, never forgetting that critiquing is equally important to any good academic work.

Here are my list of top resources for you, if you are getting started in academia or ever plan to.

The Barker Underground

Phrasebank, University of Manchester

Critical Thinking, University of Leeds

Reading and writing an essay, MIT

Academic Integrity, MIT

Strategies for Essay Writing, Harvard

Beginning the Academic Essay, Harvard

Harvard tutorials on TikTok (not accessible from India)

Difficult Conversations

If you hate networking

Writing guides if you are teaching

How To Teach

Components of a successful essay

Disciplinary Writing Guides

Research Paper Writing

Cambridge University Guide to Writing

Dissertation Toolkit

Book a session with Christopher Woodall

Online sessions at Cambridge

Ok, so this list is not exhaustive but definitely worked for me. Check these out, should help.

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