Leadership isn’t …

Leadership needs action, empathy and going the extra mile to ensure your team feels supported. It also means recognising individual talents on the team and hone them to deliver their best instead of trying to fit anyone into a mould. Leadership means being proactive and taking ownership of projects, being responsible, and informed about choices when faced with challenges instead of leading the team to a state of indecision or limbo. While everyone has constraints and everyone seems to be fighting a battle, if you take on a task, it’s on you – the one with more power in the alliance – to steer, guide, inspire, challenge, support and motivate. Leadership is not gaslighting or dropping the mantle as soon as challenges appear. Worse come worst, leadership is clear communication without being careless and cold. But leadership isn’t in a book – though there can be case studies, theories and models – and it’s not in a training either. It is within you, if you are conscientious, if you care about people you work with, if you look long term and reflect on the things that truly matter – people above rules and ticking the boxes on a job.  #leadership

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