A bit of a fuzzy weekend

Despite all the disappointments life throws, today has been a happy house. 97 percentile in GL exams for the grammar schools and an equivalent score for the AQE in the house today. If nothing, the child is in the house is a rockstar. All within months of arriving in a new country, new city. When people around me wail about a tough life at work, I look at all the challenges I have every single day and smile. This is my life and it’s been good, in spite of the warts. And I won’t have it any other way. Women have it tough everywhere. Universities aren’t prepared for it, workplaces aren’t prepared for it, men aren’t prepared for it. Everyone is ready with a mould to fit you in, and everyone has a set of rules for you to follow. This world often fails people (not corporations, not sweatshops) especially women. In a toxic world with petty rivalries and astounding smallness, we can often lose perspective. But every wall is a door, I have believed.

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