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PhD project

Advertisements PhD Project Title: Capitalism and Globalisation: Do social ties matter? Research Focus Focused on exploring the long-term trends in capitalism and entrepreneurship, my research studies the interactions between globalisation and the social ties binding Indian businesses during the years 1857-1970.  Research Interests Economic history, business history and social science history. The relationship between capitalism,… Continue reading PhD project

Things to remember in academia

Advertisements If you are in academia, you know what this hashtag means – # academictwitter. Often, I am jittery reading all the feeds but a few points I remember as useful lessons are listed below (the post will be updated periodically): ONE https://twitter.com/socofthesacred/status/1439202446526517253 TWO https://twitter.com/cesifoti/status/1437043299852996608 THREE https://twitter.com/ithinkwellHugh/status/1438389733663690754 FOUR https://twitter.com/WriteThatPhD/status/1437369504653262852 FIVE https://twitter.com/FutureDrDukes/status/1437927212431208452

When does furlough end ?

Advertisements This was one of the top 5 “when” queries in Google search in 2020. Understandably, furlough has been a big topic for discussion here in Northern Ireland as well. Ever since I landed here, I have made countless friends and met complete strangers out of my journalistic curiosity a number of who I found… Continue reading When does furlough end ?

Can Atlas Cycles make a comeback?

Advertisements I wrote this for @moneycontrolcom and the inspiration came from my brother. More than a decade after he left high school, he invested in a bicycle. This reminded me of our favourite wheels as children — Atlas cycles. COVID-19 and the restrictions it imposed had clearly tested the patience of thousands like him who… Continue reading Can Atlas Cycles make a comeback?

You are a startup

Advertisements ..and you need to keep pivoting. Continue reading here.

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Note to Self

Advertisements Being quiet is being loud with your soul. Ask how worries become oceans and swallow the shanty towns of existence, as if all there was to life was a hopeless struggle to not drown. Imagine being quiet with a life like that. No, you can’t. There is no noise to this state of being.

Bookmark these reads on culture

Advertisements It’s fascinating to look at multidisciplinary studies in understanding culture. To this purpose, Jared Rubin’s posts on the Broadstreet blog are amazingly well-articulated and engage with the critical questions in research on culture not excluding other writers who write for the blog. I came across the work of John Mohr who is no more… Continue reading Bookmark these reads on culture

How to write meaningfully

Advertisements You might want to check this video out, as recommended by Prof Michael Muthukrishna in his newsletter. It’s long (and yes, I went through all of it) to genuinely recommend it to you all. But of course, see if this works for you. https://youtu.be/vtIzMaLkCaM

Professor Sir John Hills

His influential body of work looked at issues of inequality, social inclusion, the welfare state and the role of social policy.

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Writing like a nerd

Lol, that’s my slang for academic writing. It’s rigorous, theory and evidence based and critical in its pursuit of facts. In a newsroom, my challenge was to simplify and explain the news and offer a news peg; in academia, the challenge is to encapsulate complex ideas without repetition or obfuscation, never forgetting that critiquing is equally important to any good academic work. Here is my list …

Gender gaps in education

Advertisements Interesting new paper from Dr Ashwini Despande of Ashoka University on gender gaps in school education in India, which underlines the persisting gaps in the quality of education offered to girls as compared to boys. The paper notes that “the gender gap in private schooling increased slightly over the period, with the largest increase… Continue reading Gender gaps in education

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Market for Economists 2021

Advertisements Here is an interesting paper on what the academic job market looks like for new PhD economists in 2021. The findings reveal that while the supply of PhD economists is likely to be stable, the share of employers with at least one position open is likely to go down with a drop in demand.… Continue reading Market for Economists 2021

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David Graeber

Advertisements David Graeber passed away earlier this month. Around the same time, I tested positive for Covid, hence the late post. I kept reading the condolences and remembrances pouring on the internet, as tweets, articles and newspaper obituaries, starting with his partner Nika Dubrovsky tweeting about his demise: https://twitter.com/nikadubrovsky/status/1301898249951903744 She later also shared Graeber’s plans… Continue reading David Graeber

Why my heart gently weeps

I am not the life of a party but street conversations with strangers is my strong suit. They say introverts excel at one on one conversations. Never ever in my life have I survived an Uber ride without conversing with the driver, for instance. It’s true that common, working class people set off something in me.

Notes on how to write

Should writers write from personal experience or attempt something completely foreign to their understanding? How can they write anything beyond what they know and if they can’t, can we say they aren’t writers but mere memoirists?

50 before I die

Advertisements Making to-do lists is banal. We may never get around to doing them. But perhaps, putting them on a list will help me stay focussed. I need daily reminders of things I want to do before I die. Here is the first 14 out of 50 in the order of priority: 1. Work on… Continue reading 50 before I die