Why my heart gently weeps

I am not the life of a party but street conversations with strangers is my strong suit. They say introverts excel at one on one conversations. Never ever in my life have I survived an Uber ride without conversing with the driver, for instance. It’s true that common, working class people set off something in me.

Notes on how to write

Should writers write from personal experience or attempt something completely foreign to their understanding? How can they write anything beyond what they know and if they can’t, can we say they aren’t writers but mere memoirists?

Ruth Alice Allen

Advertisements Ruth Alice Allen, born in Texas in 1889, could be justly called a role model for women economists, if nothing more, and with a burst in feminist scholarship in recent years, it is only befitting that Allen’s work is rediscovered now. At a time when it was difficult for women to secure academic positions,… Continue reading Ruth Alice Allen

Edith Abbott

Advertisements Edith Abbott: From Economics to Social Work (1876-1957) Credit: Wikimedia Commons Edith Abbott, labour economist and economic historian, was the second woman to earn an Economics PhD from the University of Chicago in 1905. Interested in labour statistics and employment trends, Abbott published her first article ‘Wage statistics in the twelfth census’, in 1904… Continue reading Edith Abbott

Notes on Capitalism during Covid times

Advertisements Let me tell you simple things. Covid 19 quarantine is helping me get this straight and simple: I like capital and those who aid capitalism. So this bothers me when capitalism is blamed for the mess we are in. This world is complex and I am someone who believes the right set of institutions… Continue reading Notes on Capitalism during Covid times

What Machine Learning has to do with Global Trade

Advertisements Machine Learning (ML) is commonly seen as the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models used by computers to perform specific tasks. Considered a subset of artificial intelligence, ML could have game-changing implications for people of the world struggling with language barriers. As we know, Chinese, Spanish and English are the most spoken languages… Continue reading What Machine Learning has to do with Global Trade

The Kashmir Conundrum

Advertisements Apologies for being away for almost a week. I have missed you, hope you have too. I had no realization of what significant events my brief interlude from blogging would bring. But while I have been away, Jammu and Kashmir as a state of India don’t exist the way it used to. It’s now… Continue reading The Kashmir Conundrum

My Best Friend, an IITian

Advertisements Before you read this piece, you need to read my Newslaundry piece on the contribution of the IITs in uplifting lives. Both pieces are valid, and share a few common threads. I wrote this and then I wrote the other one, feeling extremely overwhelmed by this thought-provoking piece penned by Sandipan Deb. I know… Continue reading My Best Friend, an IITian

How Are Women Doing?

Advertisements Hello 2019, how are we women doing across the world? Same same, this UN Women report released this month says. Some progress has been made, yes, but institutional discrimination continues to exist in the shape of family laws, impinging upon women’s status in marriage and family structures, labour force participation and access to income… Continue reading How Are Women Doing?