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Professor Sir John Hills

His influential body of work looked at issues of inequality, social inclusion, the welfare state and the role of social policy.

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50 before I die

Advertisements Making to-do lists is banal. We may never get around to doing them. But perhaps, putting them on a list will help me stay focussed. I need daily reminders of things I want to do before I die. Here is the first 14 out of 50 in the order of priority: 1. Work on… Continue reading 50 before I die

Games, Automation and AI

Advertisements When everything else falters, trust games, automation and AI to lift businesses up. That explains why an overwhelming share of action in the world of business during the past week has centered around these three. With more people likely to stay indoors or work from home on account of Covid-19, businesses and investors have… Continue reading Games, Automation and AI

Between the devil and the deep sea

Advertisements This Guardian cartoon totally sums up what I am trying to say! So we know what the world is looking like as lock downs come to an end in many parts of the world. People are gathering in hordes without masks, getting drunk like there is no tomorrow basically — https://twitter.com/StephenBLowe/status/1279522924836409344 …. even as… Continue reading Between the devil and the deep sea

Budget 2020: Past matters but future is raged over

Advertisements Yeah so, even as Budget 2020 is waiting to be ripped apart mostly for what it’s projections for the year ahead are, I am worried how little we care about the past when it comes to the budget. Hey, what exactly is budget anyway? Just a simple record of what the government earned and… Continue reading Budget 2020: Past matters but future is raged over


Truth is, perfection is a feeling – a feeling that there is nothing wrong, no treatment ever shoddy, no care ever incomplete, no expectation ever unmet.

The Case For No Econ PhD

Advertisements It’s the loveliest Twitter thread I discovered in Tyler Cowen’s recent blog post. Melissa Kearney, Economics Professor at the University of Maryland,  argues that 6 year Econ PhDs are terrible, especially for female students. Tyler goes a step further and says Econ PhDs should be abolished. Instead, he suggests three years of graduate economics… Continue reading The Case For No Econ PhD

Mid-year Mini List of Favorite Non-fiction Reads

Advertisements You know I am into non-fiction, writing and reading. A consistent trend in non-fiction writing has been the emergence of academics as non-fiction writers and as more and more do so, we can clearly see how some of them are gifted writers. I laid my hands on two super books of narrative non-fiction this… Continue reading Mid-year Mini List of Favorite Non-fiction Reads

Don’t Let TikTok Play You!

Advertisements I couldn’t resist my curiosity to find out more about TikTok, the social media app that’s bringing the mass following for scores of people from India’s hinterland. Watching all those TikTok people for a couple of days, I am left with an overpowering sense of fatigue. I know I qualify to be judgemental, elitist… Continue reading Don’t Let TikTok Play You!