Weekly Reading List: Oct 3-9, 2021

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Top reads from the Internet on business/history, Future of Capitalism, and Mental Health.

Why craft beer’s rise is a warning flag for all sorts of big brands

Tirthankar Roy on the Economic History of Afghanistan

Tyler Cowen’s excellent interview with Claudia Goldin

Ideas of Adam Smith and how they apply to India

Depression and shopping behaviour

Best of EconTwitter

How network effects rule the world

Diane Coyle: What Critics of Economics Get Wrong

Is it time for a new Economics curriculum?

An interesting Twitter thread on remote work

When GM met Austin: British and American variants of inter-war automobile mass production

Interesting paper on predicting global imbalances on the eve of Covid-19

How “Cultural Distance” between Societies Can Hamper Economic Prosperity

Is tech redefining the workplace for women?

Why Basic Science Matters for Economic Growth

How the West Adopted China-Style Lockdowns

How affordable is mental health

Christianization without economic development: Evidence from missions in Ghana

How Fiat Money made beef more expensive

The lives of former newspapermen (book review)


Amir Sufi on how Income Inequality is holding back the US Economy

Adam Tooze on how Covid-19 shook the world economy