• From bazaars to corporations: How did social capital shape the evolution of Indian business? (PhD project: 2021-2024)
  • Teatime narratives: a project on Indo-UK collaboration (2021-23)
  • Trust and markets: book project
Book Reviews
  • Review of Edmund Smith’s ‘Merchants’
  • Review of Simon Mundy’s ‘Race for Survival’
  • Review of ‘Why Trust Matters’
  • forthcoming
  • Paper I: 2023

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Women at Work: Choice is a privilege

More so in developing countries like India.

75 years of Indian business: How we began and how far we have come

I must begin with a clarification: the history of Indian business is not as young as India as an independent nation. It goes back several centuries before India opened up its economy in the 1990s, even before it became an independent country. The 1990s were not the first time the Indian economy was open to…


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