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I am passionate about building effective teams and start-ups, and leveraging content and communications to create high growth products. I draw lessons and insights from economic and business history to understand business problems in a rapidly altering global economy, and to strategize and formulate business solutions that can be applied to contemporary businesses in emerging markets. My insights draw heavily from my diverse work experience as a journalist with India’s leading financial and general newspapers, and as a start-up leader building and leading content-led and knowledge-oriented solutions to meet business goals in fast-growing digital start-ups.

I currently mentor a London-based tech start-up in sustainable fashion retail, which I also led as its head of marketing between 2018-2020, and am part of the core team that pitched for and secured its first round of funding in July, 2021.

I have previously managed audience engagement, content marketing and communications at two leading News Corp-funded start-ups in India, an American multinational mass media corporation operated and owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch and headquartered in New York City, and spent a few years as an independent journalist working on long form book writing and reporting projects.

Originally from India, I studied in London, Belfast, and Chennai; worked in New Delhi and Mumbai, and am now based in Belfast. I love reading, writing, travelling, and painting.


I am available for side collaborations, book projects and consulting worldwide. If you want to chat about any projects in Economic or Business History, narratives/audience engagement/digital growth, or start-up consulting, or anything else, please don’t hesitate in reaching out. My email is listed on the top banner of this website’s homepage. Be safe.

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