India Unemployed


Unemployment in India is at a 40-year high. We have been hearing stories of layoffs, prolonged job searches, suicides, and violent outbursts even as we speak. Are these connected or just random tragic events? We are trying to find out. It’s our attempt to put faces to the numbers. Please help us do this.

We started off with one story and we stumbled upon a few dozens. As we spoke to more and more people, we learned of several others. We realized many wanted to tell us about several others like them. A lot of them were uncomfortable talking about themselves. Many reached out with their emails and numbers but never fixed up a time to speak. That’s when we thought of creating this form so anyone responding to our project could choose to speak with us with their names or to stay anonymous. Your responses would help us greatly in assessing the magnitude of the problem. We would respect and uphold your privacy at all times and your choice to remain anonymous if you choose to stay anonymous.

This is NOT an academic research project, and this is NOT just limited to online surveys. You can email or reach out to me at or on Twitter at

Thank you for doing this.

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