Pandemic of Inequality Won’t Let Us Breathe

Advertisements Illustration by Parag Dabke. The world we live in is getting scarier as disturbing events unfold. Floyd’s gruesome killing has sparked fierce reactions globally and we are now left tracing its roots to the long-standing racial prejudices that have existed alongside decades of material prosperity. We know this could be traced to British colonialism… Continue reading Pandemic of Inequality Won’t Let Us Breathe

Share from Mostlyeconomics: Three development paradigms of Indian economy

Advertisements Vijay Kelkar Convocation Address at BHU: Three development paradigms of Indian economy — Read on

Five Ways You Could Reduce Inequality in Daily Life

Advertisements Start the new year by worrying less about things you can’t control and doing something about what you can. Inequality, for example. Photo credit: It’s a loaded term, alright, but let’s think like economists and see where exactly in our daily lives could we make a difference to mitigate inequality. So here are… Continue reading Five Ways You Could Reduce Inequality in Daily Life

In the job market, Caste role reversal

Advertisements I am absolutely thrilled to share another story on caste. This one again has gone missing from Mint’s website. I found this story’s draft on my drive and googled with the first four lines. Guess what, this blog had shared the story with the Mint link that does not work anymore. Thanks to the… Continue reading In the job market, Caste role reversal

Dalit Capitalism

Advertisements I covered Dalit capitalism for Mint in its early days when DICCI as a chamber of commerce for the Dalit community had just come up. My boss at Mint, who is an economist, always felt proud of my work, especially on Dalit capitalism. Today, I spoke to Milind Kamble, founder and chairman of DICCI,… Continue reading Dalit Capitalism

The Kashmir Conundrum

Advertisements Apologies for being away for almost a week. I have missed you, hope you have too. I had no realization of what significant events my brief interlude from blogging would bring. But while I have been away, Jammu and Kashmir as a state of India don’t exist the way it used to. It’s now… Continue reading The Kashmir Conundrum

Does Capitalism make you materialistic?

Advertisements Capitalism Didn’t Invent “Keeping Up with the Joneses” — Read on Absolutely interesting piece. This one breaks the myth about capitalism making people materialistic. It’s all about creating more choices and opportunities. What you pick remains your sole decision. Don’t blame capitalism for it.

Yes! US-China Trade War is slowing down the world economy

Advertisements The global economy is not doing well, and trade tensions between the United States and China have a role to play. Even as the rift continues, another conflict I wrote about yesterday also needs early resolution before it snowballs into something big. IMF’s World Economic Output Update released earlier this week underlines the fallout… Continue reading Yes! US-China Trade War is slowing down the world economy

India and US Trade War Isn’t Unreal

Advertisements United States–India trade ties have been in news for all the wrong reasons, of late. There may be optimism that it’s just a mini conflict that can be resolved easily, but the road ahead is nothing short of thorny. It’s a crisis that can snowball into a big rift if not managed properly. The… Continue reading India and US Trade War Isn’t Unreal


Advertisements More than 100 years ago, in the iconic Citizenship In A Republic speech, US President Theodore Roosevelt outlined the key drivers of a successful republic: the quality of its citizens and high calibre political leaders who would hold the average citizen to a high standard—not just by words, but by deeds as well. The… Continue reading WHAT ATISHI’S DEFEAT AND PRAGYA SINGH THAKUR’S WIN TELL US ABOUT INDIA

Bharti’s cellular theory of growth

Advertisements Olhanpur, Bihar: Until about three years ago, Nizamuddin Ansari, 65, a retired head clerk from the Indian Railways mail service, spent most of his days on the verandah at home. The monotony of watching over his courtyard as the women of his family went about their household chores would be broken by the occasional… Continue reading Bharti’s cellular theory of growth

Reading Hindustan in Bihar

Advertisements Raghopur, Bihar: At 3am, a newspaper van from Searchlite Printing Press in Patna sets out in the dark with bundles of Hindustan, the best-selling Hindi daily in Bihar (Hindustan is published by HT Media Ltd, which also publishes Mint). It makes its way through a narrow, straight road to Khushrupur, around 40km away, every… Continue reading Reading Hindustan in Bihar

Kamla Balan bridge: it’s a disaster waiting to happen

Advertisements Jhanjharpur, Bihar: On an apology of a road leading to this small town in Madhubani district, thick and diverse traffic—from trains to four-wheelers—chugs along on a century-old bridge over the Kamla Balan river. Lifeline: The century-old bridge facilitates the movement of 14 trains and 500 vehicles every day to and from Jhanjharpur. Ashish Gupta… Continue reading Kamla Balan bridge: it’s a disaster waiting to happen

The management of Bihar

Advertisements At Patna’s congested Dak Bunglow intersection, where maddening traffic throbs like the impatient pulse of its people, a life-size billboard dazzles passers-by, announcing an ambitious venture: a “world-class business school for transforming Bihar”. The plan for the proposed transformation is simple: The B-school will help students set up new ventures, consult and collaborate with… Continue reading The management of Bihar

The roads more travelled

Advertisements By any measure that day in May, at the peak of summer, was an important one for Nawada, one of Bihar’s 37 districts. The bridge over the teeming Sakri river at Kadirganj block opened that day and soon enough two decisions on either side of the river, though seemingly disparate, were taken. In Kadirganj,… Continue reading The roads more travelled

Bihar sees a growing tribe of rural migrants

Advertisements Amipur may be a small dot along the national highway from Patna to Nawada, but its ambitions are big. In the 50-odd households in the village, sparsely populated and rife with an uneasy quiet, most men have left for work outside Bihar. Siyaram Chauhan is the one who returned. He was rescued last month… Continue reading Bihar sees a growing tribe of rural migrants

Bihar sees reverse brain drain

Advertisements It was perhaps the worst of times. With the fall of night, Patna would blanket itself in a pall of darkness, interrupted occasionally by traffic thinning rapidly with each passing hour. Downed shutters in shops would signal fearful business, rickshaws would accept no late evening passengers and women and children would be home before… Continue reading Bihar sees reverse brain drain