Things to remember in academia

Advertisements If you are in academia, you know what this hashtag means – # academictwitter. Often, I am jittery reading all the feeds but a few points I remember as useful lessons are listed below (the post will be updated periodically): ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE

Bookmark these reads on culture

Advertisements It’s fascinating to look at multidisciplinary studies in understanding culture. To this purpose, Jared Rubin’s posts on the Broadstreet blog are amazingly well-articulated and engage with the critical questions in research on culture not excluding other writers who write for the blog. I came across the work of John Mohr who is no more… Continue reading Bookmark these reads on culture

Writing like a nerd

Lol, that’s my slang for academic writing. It’s rigorous, theory and evidence based and critical in its pursuit of facts. In a newsroom, my challenge was to simplify and explain the news and offer a news peg; in academia, the challenge is to encapsulate complex ideas without repetition or obfuscation, never forgetting that critiquing is equally important to any good academic work. Here is my list …

‘Good research is vital’

Advertisements This very interesting interview with Alpa Shah is a must-read for anyone aspiring to write narrative non-fiction. Shah, a professor of anthropology at my alma mater London School of Economics, speaks beautifully and honestly about her writing process while working on ‘Nightmarch’ and has great messages for both academics as well as writers of… Continue reading ‘Good research is vital’