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You are a startup

Advertisements ..and you need to keep pivoting. Continue reading here.

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Note to Self

Advertisements Being quiet is being loud with your soul. Ask how worries become oceans and swallow the shanty towns of existence, as if all there was to life was a hopeless struggle to not drown. Imagine being quiet with a life like that. No, you can’t. There is no noise to this state of being.

How to write meaningfully

Advertisements You might want to check this video out, as recommended by Prof Michael Muthukrishna in his newsletter. It’s long (and yes, I went through all of it) to genuinely recommend it to you all. But of course, see if this works for you. https://youtu.be/vtIzMaLkCaM

Professor Sir John Hills

His influential body of work looked at issues of inequality, social inclusion, the welfare state and the role of social policy.

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50 before I die

Advertisements Making to-do lists is banal. We may never get around to doing them. But perhaps, putting them on a list will help me stay focussed. I need daily reminders of things I want to do before I die. Here is the first 14 out of 50 in the order of priority: 1. Work on… Continue reading 50 before I die

Death of a star

Advertisements I was in deep trauma after the news came in and wrote this which I strongly urge you to read. Often, I am compelled to write about events that are beyond the purview of my research in economic history but I am a whole person, not just someone doing this research. When something affects… Continue reading Death of a star

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Pandemics and Inequality

Advertisements Economic Historian Guido Alfani, who studies long run trends in inequality, posted a series of tweets on pandemics and inequality this week. To sum up: Some pandemics in history helped reduce inequality, but it would be wrong to say that all pandemics reduce inequality. 2. Some pandemics may not have macro impact but can… Continue reading Pandemics and Inequality

Games, Automation and AI

Advertisements When everything else falters, trust games, automation and AI to lift businesses up. That explains why an overwhelming share of action in the world of business during the past week has centered around these three. With more people likely to stay indoors or work from home on account of Covid-19, businesses and investors have… Continue reading Games, Automation and AI

Ivy League or Russell Group?

Advertisements I think this week quite settles the question, for now. The immigration controversy has exposed the racism inherent in US immigration policy and Trump administration has exposed it only too well. Now, this happened today: https://twitter.com/AndrewMCrespo/status/1280838501957865473 This is a welcome development but the results are yet to be seen. So far, foreign students at… Continue reading Ivy League or Russell Group?

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Between the devil and the deep sea

Advertisements This Guardian cartoon totally sums up what I am trying to say! So we know what the world is looking like as lock downs come to an end in many parts of the world. People are gathering in hordes without masks, getting drunk like there is no tomorrow basically — https://twitter.com/StephenBLowe/status/1279522924836409344 …. even as… Continue reading Between the devil and the deep sea

EconHistorienne #4 The Outsider

Advertisements In this edition, you will read – What the death of an actor tells us about inequality in India My experience of discrimination Inequality of opportunity that arises out of discrimination Go here to read. If you missed issue #3 last week, read it here. Questions? Comments? Ideas? Email me: econhistorienne@gmail.com

EconHistorienne Issue #3 is Out

Advertisements Issue #3 of EconHistorienne, a newsletter to help us make sense of inequality, capitalism and globalisation around the world, is out today. Last week, EconHistorienne followed a doctor at a hospital in India’s national capital New Delhi to chronicle his regular day at work and the worsening health inequalities during Covid-19 pandemic. Just as… Continue reading EconHistorienne Issue #3 is Out

Pandemic of Inequality Won’t Let Us Breathe

Advertisements Illustration by Parag Dabke. The world we live in is getting scarier as disturbing events unfold. Floyd’s gruesome killing has sparked fierce reactions globally and we are now left tracing its roots to the long-standing racial prejudices that have existed alongside decades of material prosperity. We know this could be traced to British colonialism… Continue reading Pandemic of Inequality Won’t Let Us Breathe

The Understanding Money Mechanics

Advertisements mises.org/library/understanding-money-mechanics-0 I am a big sucker for economists explaining things, and an over sharer of all such knowledge made public. After Arjun Jayadev and Franko Milanovic’s free online video lecture series on Inequality, here is another one worth your time (link above) – The Understanding Money Mechanics series – by Robert P. Murphy. This is all… Continue reading The Understanding Money Mechanics

Share from Mostlyeconomics: Three development paradigms of Indian economy

Advertisements Vijay Kelkar Convocation Address at BHU: Three development paradigms of Indian economy https://mostlyeconomics.wordpress.com/2020/01/30/vijay-kelkar-convocation-address-at-bhu-three-development-paradigms-of-indian-economy/ — Read on mostlyeconomics.wordpress.com/2020/01/30/vijay-kelkar-convocation-address-at-bhu-three-development-paradigms-of-indian-economy/

Budget 2020: Past matters but future is raged over

Advertisements Yeah so, even as Budget 2020 is waiting to be ripped apart mostly for what it’s projections for the year ahead are, I am worried how little we care about the past when it comes to the budget. Hey, what exactly is budget anyway? Just a simple record of what the government earned and… Continue reading Budget 2020: Past matters but future is raged over

Why would a girl in Norway call herself a Hindu Cowgirl?

Advertisements Don’t jump to conclusions right away and check this out: https://www.youtube.com/user/HinduCowGirl/videos This is the breathtaking video feed of a lady train driver/engineer who works on the Bergen Line in Norway and shoots stunning videos while driving on the route way from the driver’s cabin. She is clearly smitten by Hindu cows, hence the name.… Continue reading Why would a girl in Norway call herself a Hindu Cowgirl?

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Advertisements I am launching EconHistorienne, my twice-a-month newsletter for original storytelling from India. Through this newsletter, I will deliver Narrative Storytelling on Inequality, Capitalism, Globalization and Social Unrest in India and essays on History to contextualize these themes. Why should you subscribe to my newsletter? Because you read, you value great research, you love good… Continue reading EconHistorienne


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