The Week That Is

A landmark legislation, with a potential to change India’s polity and politics (for good or for bad), has been passed in a matter of a few days. Triple Talaq, purported as the legislation that will ensure gender equality and justice for Muslim women, is now a law and any Muslim man divorcing his wife verbally by saying Talaaq Talaq Talaaq will face criminal charges and a jail sentence. Its critics see a bigger BJP agenda behind this, while many find this regressive. Here is a list of countries where Triple Talaaq is banned.

In a tragic development, CCD founder VG Siddhartha decided to end his life in Netravati river in Mangaluru. He was reported to have been under enormous stress, as indicated in a letter media reports claimed, was penned by him. While this is utterly heartbreaking to see an entrepreneur and a successful one at that with an influential network (he was the son-in-law of former Kartanara Chief Minister SM Krishna) commit suicide, it’s also a grim reminder of the bad times Indian economy is going through. With bad loans mounting, banks have sapped entrepreneurs for funds, the tax regime has become too excruciating, and the government isn’t doing much to spur demand as was evident from the lackluster budget this year. Several conspiracy theories on Siddhartha’s murder are now doing the rounds; read them here, here, here and here.

In another development in the Unnao rape case which I had blogged about a couple of days ago, Unnao rape accused Kuldeep Singh Sengar has been expelled from the BJP and the SC has asked the CBI is the rape victim and her lawyer can be airlifted to Delhi.

Former RBI Governor Subir Gokarn has passed away. Read MostlyEconomics‘s opinion piece here. Other obituaries worth your time are here , here, and here.



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