Top reads on Indian microeconomics

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I usually don’t do this but I am tempted to share an amazing thread by Prof Chinmay Tumbe of IIM-A on some of the top reads in Indian Microeconomics. Sharing some of his recommendations here:




Journal of Quantitative Economics, started in 1983 by The Econometric Society of India (TIES); On Springer, volumes available from 2003.


Journal of Income & Wealth (Vol. 40 published in 2018), of the Indian Association for Research in National Income and Wealth. Papers from 2003.




Indian Growth and Development Review, since 2008.


South Asian Journal of Macroeconomics and Public Policy, published in association with CSSS Calcutta. Since 2012.


Artha Vijnana of GIPE Pune since 1959.


8. Some classics published in the EW 1949-65 () and since then EPW () – whose other contribution is creating useful a time series statistical database –

Margin: The Journal of Applied Economic Research of NCAER, since 2007
Indian Journal of Economics, University of Allahabad, published since 1916
11. Research tool to search topic titles published in Indian Journals is housed at ISID, Delhi (), earlier on CDs and now online here:

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