EconHistorienne collaborates with Newslaundry

Folks, if you are reading my newsletter EconHistorienne, you also know that I released issue 2 on May 18. Some of my favorite publications expressed interest in publishing the piece. I wasn’t expecting this because the piece was written exclusively for the newsletter. A week after it was originally published, EconHistorienne today collaborated with Newslaundry to let issue 2 reach a wider audience. A story is bigger than the one who writes it, that we shall never forget. A story must be read and acquire a life of its own.

A story also doesn’t need to make a point. A story can sometimes meander because in life, we aren’t always making a point except that there are people whose journeys must be documented and their lives could sometimes be confusing, their thoughts scattered, and the chaos might just swallow everything good they may have to offer. Yet, as a writer and purveyor of the moments spent with the doctor at his workplace, I thought it was best to record it as he saw it. The story, in the end, has just one quest: what does a doctor see, feel and think when he goes to work in the middle of a pandemic? This story profiles one doctor but we get the drift. We learn to respect, be moved and feel empathy for him and how he sees his work. I hope this story will tell you much more and I hope you will find this important. This story requires your time and patience. It’s a long read and I need this from you.

It’s now on two platforms and I am thankful for the life it has got. Here is where you read it on Newslaundry and here it is on my newsletter. You could also download the PDF (below).

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