Between the devil and the deep sea

This Guardian cartoon totally sums up what I am trying to say!

So we know what the world is looking like as lock downs come to an end in many parts of the world. People are gathering in hordes without masks, getting drunk like there is no tomorrow basically —

…. even as economists scream – those who didn’t believe in lockdowns have failed. Look at Sweden, its very own epidemiologist says he miscalculated the effectiveness of social distancing, after ridiculing the lockdowns as “madness“! Now, data and science is flying thick and fast in the face of anti-lockdown experts. Look at this chart by MishTalk:

courtesy: MishTalk

This June 24 report by Blomberg showed this:

Courtesy: Bloomberg

This means Sweden now has one of the world’s highest Covid-19 mortality rates, with more deaths per 100,000 than the U.S.. The graph above is based on Johns Hopkins University data that Bloomberg procured for a report.

This flipflop by scientists of one of the most efficient nation states in the world – Scandinavian marvel Sweden – means two things: People either trusted the scientists too much, or the scientists trusted the people too much! Either way, this has led to huge number of deaths.

The flip flop extends to the WHO – I want to stop short of basically saying that we are f*****! Yes, you read this right. If dealing with demagogues as heads of state and unreliable data is not enough, we are now headed into the biggest delusion of the century – an epidemic we know well and can fight! Well, it seems no one really understands or knows s***, not even the WHO! Consider this before you rip me apart for saying this: First, we were to wash out hands for 20 seconds; then the WHO said it’s 40-60 seconds; it first said Covid 19 is not airborne only to go back and announce recently that it might be so. In between these announcements, there have been several other goof ups and now, with every new release by its scientists, I go like:

Originally tweeted by 𝙈𝙕 (@mz_bt_mz) on July 4, 2020.

So, what do you do – Wash hands? For how long? Wear masks? What kinds? Socially distance? Like, how?! Do we trust the WHO or the government? And the biggest of them all – lockdown or break free?

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