Millennials are gutted but some companies are trying to uplift them

Millennails are truly gutted. I remember I had barely started my career as a journalist when the 2008 financial crisis plunged the global economy and it seems, my generation has not recovered from it yet. Blame it on economic crises after crises, and this year, we are staring into a recession even as we lose jobs, savings, and even lives. In the middle of all this mayhem, some companies may be finding it important to cancel out fun for us. Airbnb will now restrict bookings for under-25s in the UK, Spain and France as part of an effort to stop unauthorised house parties. Work from home has already led to serious psychological issues for us, and now some of us can’t even house-party! It may be alright, given that the pandemic isn’t over yet but the threshold of patience with quarantine and social distancing may be crashing now for many of us. We are social animals and we need people. I can totally imagine what this year is turning out to be for college freshers and younger folks. My heart for you, folks, carry on and perhaps take heart in this beautiful write-up, which argues that it’s not just the millennials who have never recovered, but also the Gen-X! I just love the way it ends and I cheer you on with this below:

Without inheritances or family savings to keep us afloat, we have recreated stability in a world that is unstable. We turned friends into family. We have accepted debt as a part of our lives. We have made peace with possibly never being homeowners. We have no expectations of being able to retire. ….
It would be nice if other generations noticed our resiliency. Our creative endeavors. Our platforms and social media and art and multiple jobs as evidence of our perseverance. But even if it’s never seen that way, we will know we are doing the best we can to create lives we can love.

Love, love, love! These sentences are beautiful, they are making me all teary, and ever so ready to take on the world. We are the infamous cohort of people born between 1981 and 1996 and we will survive.

Before I forget, financial literacy is equally important and often, we have no one to go to for financial advice! I think this survey says a lot about this – ”Although 37% of Americans said their main source of financial advice comes from friends and family, Gen Zers cited social media as a go-to source. And 31% of those surveyed said they got no financial advice at all.

Meanwhile, even as you badger on, some companies may be trying to brighten up the lives of singles out there. German software company SAP has been hosting virtual wine tastings and barbeques for its single employees and even designed a Tinder-like app for lunch dates!

Alright world, I need to bow out with this. What do you think? How are you coping? What has your workplace done for your mental health? Write to me.

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